Nim-Group’s Training Department was established to help the young footballers with all aspects of their professional growth and development. In today’s modern football, it has often been proven that talent alone does not necessarily lead to success. We often come across a young player who is considered gifted and talented, yet still there is something that prevents him from taking the next step and rising to the top of the pyramid. Sometimes it is a mental problem that stops him from showing his true abilities on the field, in other cases there might be a physiological explanation to poor fitness or repeated injuries, and sometimes it is simply lack of adequate technical skills or finishing abilities in front of the goal. It is always important to remember that no one is born a footballer, a pianist, a painter or a poet. The secret to a successful career lies in many hours of hard, deliberate training, taught by the best coaches in those particular fields.

NIM-Group provides its clients with high quality training services, including local and international football schools, personal training, mental coaching, video analysis, and nutritional programs. All services are provided by leading experts in their fields, who bring with them a wealth of experience and professional knowledge.

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