NIM-Group’s Consultancy Department is designed to assist young footballers with their day-to-day decision making on and off the pitch. Unfortunately, a very high percentage of young talented players fail to realize their full potential due to poor decision making and bad guidance. Every player must deal at one point or another with vital questions regarding his future, such as: Is it better for me to grow in a “small” or “big” club? Should I move out on a loan or remain on the bench and fight for my minutes? How do I combine a football career with my schoolwork and friends? How can I improve my performances on the pitch? What does it take to become a professional player?

Most career decisions are influenced by family and friends, who, of course, have the best interest of the player in mind, yet they lack the experience and are driven by emotions and excessive impulsivity which have a severe negative effect on their mental judgement.

We believe that in a sport like football, which is highly competitive and emotional, it is crucial to make the right decisions along the way. Therefore, it is extremely important to seek the assistance and guidance of professional consultants who bring with them extensive experience and knowledge in this particular field. Our consulting team, led by Mr. Avi Nimni, is here to listen, analyze, advise and guide the young footballers in their long journey to a successful career.

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